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The LAPIP procedure can save your dental implant. Peri-implantitis is an infection around a dental implant. It can cause the gums around the implant to appear red and inflamed. Many factors can contribute to the cause of the infection, including poor oral hygiene and medical issues like diabetes and osteoporosis. Much like gum disease, peri-implantitis causes bone loss and if not treated, it will eventually lead to the loss of the implant.

LAPIP utilizes laser technology to safely and effectively kill bacteria and diseased tissue around the implant.This treatment can stop the progression of the disease and help promote new bone growth. Studies show that 95% of all failing implants treated with LAPIP have stabilized and regenerated in the pocket and bone growth increasing about 3-8 implant threads. 

This procedure is safe for our medically compromised patients and those who are taking blood thinners or bisphosphonates. Since the laser forms a stabel blood clot, LAPIP can be done in one appointment and is generally more comfortable than other surgical options. 

To prevent future peri-implatitis, we recommend laser disinfection every three months following LAPIP. This is to maintain the health of the gum tissue around the implant.