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A New Year's Resolution To Keep...Year After Year!

Posted by fremontdentistry on December 23, 2018
New Year's resolutions are often abandoned once the going gets tough. That's too bad because when these promises are health related, the long-term benefits are usually lost. Many people give up on [...]
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Can You Receive Dental Care While Pregnant?

Posted by fremontdentistry on December 6, 2018
A question we get asked often is if dental care is acceptable during pregnancy. The answer is yes. In fact, delaying any treatment during this time can be bad for you and the baby. Pregnancy can [...]
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Laser Gum Surgery at Dr. Fremont's office

Posted by fremontdentistry on March 1, 2017
Have you ever been told that you need gum surgery or that you have periodontal disease?
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How Often do I Need to have X-rays taken?

Posted by fremontdentistry on June 1, 2015
Regular x-rays (radiographs) are very important because while your dentist can detect some types of tooth decay simply by looking into a patient's mouth, not all decay is visible during a routine [...]
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