Children's First Visit

Children First Visit

During this initial visit, Dr. Fremont will check for decay and other problems, instruct the parent in at home maintenance, identify fluoride needs and check any bad habits like thumb sucking. Typically, we will let the child play with the mirror and will demonstrate the air and water syringe. We give them names for our various pieces of equipment (like “Mr. Thirsty,” for the suction device) and let the kids squirt water at the Dr.Fremont. We also let the children pick out a video to watch during their dental visit, and they are rewarded with a trip to the treasure chest when they have completed their dental visit.

We will check and count the teeth and if the child is cooperative, our goal is to clean, apply fluoride and take 2-4 x-rays. Our philosophy when it comes to kids is simple: Show. Tell. Do.

The Wand STA is a great way to numb for children’s fillings. It is a single tooth anesthetic. This means that the lip, tongue, and cheek will not be numb. This prevents possible trauma from the children biting or chewing on their soft tissue. The child may feel slight pressure during the injection, but it is pain free. Once the filling is done, the patient can eat, talk, and play!

Why Fill Cavities in Baby Teeth?

Some parents question, why place filings in baby teeth if the child is going to lose them anyway. There are two main reasons to maintain primary dentition. The first is to maintain space for the permanent teeth. If we pulled teeth, it would be traumatic for the child. We would only do this as a last option. Plus, if a tooth is removed, a space maintainer has to be made to keep the space available for the permanent tooth to erupt into that position. The second reason to fill a cavity in a baby tooth is to clean out the decay before it reaches the nerve. Many adults have experienced an abscess on their tooth, we wouldn’t want a child to have to experience that type of deep tooth filling or pulpotomy.

Development and Identification Teeth Charts

Below are some common teeth charts that will help identify the normal growth of your child’s teeth.

Children’s Dental Care Dental sealants

These plastic coatings are the best way to prevent cavities from developing in the fissures of the molars. By making these surfaces smooth, it prevents food from sticking in the crevices. Sealants can be used on adults as well as children.

Chewing surface of a molar before sealant is applied.

Chewing surface of a molar protected by a shaded sealant.

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