Dental or Tooth Bonding

San Diego, California – Dental Bonding by Fremont Dental Arts

Dental tooth bonding is an effective way to treat cosmetic or structural imperfections in teeth. Dental bonding can restore decayed teeth, effect needed cosmetic improvements, change the color of your teeth, or even reshape teeth. Teeth bonding procedures can also lighten any stains you may have, close up minor gaps and can be used to correct crooked teeth.

The Tooth Bonding Procedure

Tooth Bonding ProcedureDental tooth bonding is one of the most conservative cosmetic procedures, and can be completed in one visit. The tooth bonding procedure involves a composite resin filling which is placed in the back teeth as well as the front teeth. During the process, composite materials made of binder resin and fine glass filler are applied to the enamel using an etched process. This is used to repair chips, fill gaps, or change shape and color of teeth.

Dental bonding covers any natural flaws through the application of a thin coating of a plastic material on the front surface of your teeth. After this, your cosmetic dentist will apply a special dental bonding material and sculpt, color and shape it to provide a pleasing result. A high-intensity light then hardens the plastic, after which the surface is finely polished. The procedure allows the dentist to mix the composite material and match it to the patient’s tooth color for a natural appearance.

Benefits of Dental Tooth Bonding

Dental Tooth BondingThe dental bonding procedure offers many benefits to clients. It is relatively quick, affordable, and enduring. As an alternative to more expensive procedures, teeth bonding can provide a cost-effective way to address cosmetic dental imperfections, and deliver a more beautiful smile in the process.