Accidents and toothaches can happen at inconvenient times and can be very painful. We are here to help with those unforeseen situations.

If the emergency happens outside of normal office hours, please call us and listen for Dr. Fremont’s emergency dentist phone number listed in our voicemail. We want to provide you with fast relief and will do our best to help you the same day. 

Call us right away to receive same day emergency dental treatment. Here are some helpful tips if you are in pain:

Lost filling, broken tooth or fractured/cracked tooth 

Sharp areas caused by a fractured or broken tooth may be uncomfortable to your tongue or cheek, try to place orthodontic wax on the area or a temporary filling material from the drugstore can seal holes or spaces. Avoid eating hard or crunchy foods to prevent further damage and call us right away.


Toothaches can be caused for many reasons. Come in to see us as soon as you can and avoid extreme temperatures such as cold water or hot drinks. An anti-inflammatory medicine like Ibuprofen or Advil can help ease a toothache. Icing your cheek can help with inflammation also. 

Cheek bite

Salt water rinses and a numbing agent like Oragel can help with pain associated with cheek bites. Also, keeping the area clean will help prevent infection until you can come see an emergency dentist for treatment.  

Lost crown

Act fast and see us even if there is no pain, teeth can shift in just a few days to where the crown may not fit back in it’s place. Remember to bring the lost crown with you to your appointment. 

Objects caught between teeth

Try to rinse your mouth with warm water and floss to remove food particles. If the object is still stuck, please call us to clean it for you.

•Dental abscess

Rinse your mouth with a mild saline solution of ½ teaspoon of salt in 8 ounces of water several times a day. It is important to handle an abscess as soon possible. Even if the area starts to feel better, call us as soon as possible to prevent a serious infection. 

Remember, the best treatment for a dental emergency is prevention, contact us for an appointment here in Pacific Beach to prevent your dental emergency, (858)272-2222 

When you experience a dental emergency, you want to have a place to go and we want you to come to us!

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