Did you know that according to recent studies, nearly 30% of Americans are fearful of going to the dentist!  In fact, many anxious patients have not been to the dentist for years, and are fearful of dental treatment.  They struggle with anxiety about dental care, and put off essential dental treatment that can easily address tooth and gum pain, and brighten their smile.  Although  modern sedation dentistry has arrived to address these fears, many still put off seeing their dentist.

“Sedation Dentistry Relieves Discomfort and Relaxes You.”

Why is this?  For many this fear begins at an early age, due to some traumatic experience.  As a result, visiting the dentist is avoided at all costs, and eventually dental health deteriorates.  Inevitably, when the pain becomes so great, the individual gives in and finally schedules an appointment.  But by that time, it’s not unusual that extensive dental work is required – requiring more time at the dentist, and much more expense. 

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Your Sedation Dentist in San Diego – Fremont Dental Arts

If you count yourself among these fearful patients, you’ve come to the right place!  With modern advances in sedation dentistry, you needn’t worry about pain or discomfort!  Dr. Fremont and his staff will provide you with our award winning sedation dentistry dental care, all without discomfort – while you relax with appropriate medication, and calming music that will allow you to feel like you’ve slept right through your appointment! 

How Does Sedation Dentistry Work?

In terms of medication, we prescribe an anxiolytic such as lorazepam (valium) to relax you during your appointment. We also use nitrous oxide (laughing gas) which can be used in combination with valium or by itself. We have also incorporated another less traditional feature to make your visit more relaxing – a personal TV in each operatory with up to date movies, sitcoms, and comedy specials. Music and humor adds that extra touch, and can make your visit that much more pleasant.

Let Sedation Dentistry Work For You!

You needn’t let fear of discomfort delay essential dental treatment.  With today’s modern sedation dentistry methods, and  Dr. Fremont’s gentle touch, you’ll be able to overcome your dental fears with our friendly and understanding staff and doctor.  We can create the smile of your dreams in just a few short weeks.